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Ambassador Program

The BMW CCA Foundation is pleased to announce the enhanced version of its Ambassador Program.  The objective of this program is to broaden the exposure to the Foundation by leveraging a geographically disbursed network of volunteers.  Ambassadors will have a passion for the BMW CCA and for the Foundation, specifically its Street Survival; Library, Archive and Museum; and Conservation and Preservation Programs.

Why is the Foundation launching the Ambassador Program?  Since the formation of the BMW CCA Foundation in 2002, the Foundation has been blessed by many volunteers, especially in the growth of its Street Survival Program.  With the launch of the Capital Campaign and a focused growth plan in 2013, the need for a broader base of volunteers has become evident.  The Foundation has grown well beyond the bandwidth of the Trustees and Staff to take its next major steps in its plan.

As an Ambassador, how can I help?  The Foundation is looking for people that are willing to devote their time and effort in supporting and growing its key programs.  This includes:

  • Being a spokesperson for the Foundation with BMW CCA Chapters and Members
  • Supporting the exposure of the Foundation beyond the BMW CCA to BMW Dealers and BMW Related Businesses
  • Educating your community on the Street Survival Program, including community organizations (Rotary, Lions, etc) and auto enthusiast organizations (PCA, SCCA, etc).
  • Support the Foundation’s Capital Campaign

Do I have to do Fund Raising?  Only if you want to.   But an Ambassador needs to be aware of the Foundation’s fund raising goals and identify opportunities for fund raising.  Also, an Ambassador needs to be able to articulate the differences between the BMW CCA, a member/dues funded non-profit and the Foundation, a donor funded non-profit.

Will I have tools and training on how to promote the Foundation and its programs?  Yes, the Foundation recognizes that a certain amount of confusion about the BMW CCA and the Foundation exists in the BMW CCA community.  The Foundation is developing a set of talking points and FAQs to support the efforts of the Ambassadors.  There will also be on-going communication to the Ambassadors on the progress of the Foundation’s programs.

Still Interested?  Read more!  Foundation_Ambassador_Program

If you would like to be an Ambassador or learn more about the program, please contact Bob and Sheila Morin.

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