Ambassador Program

The objective of the Ambassador program is to broaden the exposure to the Foundation by leveraging a geographically disbursed network of volunteers.  Ambassadors will have a passion for the BMW CCA and for the Foundation, specifically its Street Survival and Museum programs.

Q: As an Ambassador, what is my role with the Foundation? 

A: The Foundation is looking for people that are willing to devote their time and effort in supporting and growing its key programs.  This includes, but is not limited to, any of the following:

  • Being a spokesperson for the Foundation with BMW CCA Chapters and Members
  • Supporting the exposure of the Foundation beyond the BMW CCA to BMW Dealers and BMW Related Businesses
  • Educating your community on the Street Survival Program, including community organizations (Rotary, Lions, etc) and auto enthusiast organizations (PCA, SCCA, etc) and also BMW dealers and BMW related businesses
  • Volunteering at Street Survival events, as a coach, checking people in at registration, shagging cones, etc., and also helping to recruit volunteers for the event
  • Work with Foundation staff at their vendor booth at events such as Oktoberfest or The Vintage, or assisting with the charity rides at Oktoberfest
  • Volunteering at the Museum, either at major events like exhibit openings or closings or on a regular basis, as a general helper
  • Organizing events or activities for the specific purpose of raising money for the Foundation
  • Speak with people about the current Foundation Museum exhibit and encourage them to visit.  Also, encourage them to visit the online gift shop.
  • Promote the availability of the extensive archives and research materials available from the Foundation
  • Encourage people to donate BMW memorabilia, literature, and other objects to the Foundation Library and Archives. The Foundation is always adding to their archival collection.
  • Provide Foundation related content for local BMW CCA Chapter newsletters, websites, social media, etc
  • Support the Foundation’s Fundraising Programs
  • Keeping an eye out for other potential Ambassadors that could be added to the program

Q: Do I have to do Fundraising? 

A: Fundraising is optional.  An Ambassador should be aware of the Foundation’s fundraising goals and identify opportunities.  An Ambassador also needs to be able to articulate the differences between the BMW CCA (a member/dues funded non-profit) and the Foundation (a donor funded non-profit).

If you would like to be an Ambassador or learn more about the program, please email: The BMW CCA Foundation Ambassador Program.

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