Grand Re-Opening Q&A


  • Where does my admission fee go?

The BMW CCA Foundation is a nonprofit organization and exists only through the generosity of its donors. Your admission fee will help sustain the CCA Foundation Museum & Archive, and it will also help fund Tire Rack Street Survival, a national car-control training program for teen drivers.  In an average year, the Foundation, our volunteers, and supporting organizations trained more than 2,800 young drivers.

  • Is there an age limit to enter the event? Is the Foundation accessible?

All are invited regardless of age or ability. Unfortunately, pets may not be brought into the Museum, and must be kept outside.

  • What are my parking options?

The Foundation is the only building on our street. We have plenty of parking on-site, on pavement and on the grass. We will have volunteers here to show you park your vehicle.

  • What’s in the GENESIS exhibit?

We have 18 rare cars from the 1930 3/15 HP DA2 Cabriolet to a 1965 3200 CS, and four vintage motorcycles, including a 1927 R49 race bike and a military-spec R75 motorcycle with its machine gun attached.

  • Do I have to register for the Grand Re-Opening event to participate in the factory tour or the Performance Center driving event?

Yes. These events are specific to guests of The Grand Re-Opening

  • Can you tell me more about the Performance Center event?

The Performance Center is having a Free Flow event, made up of five activities:

  • Rat Race (One car competing against the other on a wet skidpad)
  • A timed event
  • Driving an M car on one of our handling courses,
  • Off-road driving in X models
  • A hot lap ride with Performance Center instructors

There will also be snacks provided during the event. Individuals register separately. This is normally priced at $262. During The Grand Re-Opening, it is $99. The session runs from 1–4 p.m. and is open to only the first 100 people. To register, click here

  • Can you tell me about the BMW Plant tour?

The tour will cover a visit to the paint shop and the body assembly area. The paint shop is very rarely open to visitors. It features robots applying the latest color using BMW’s environmentally-friendly painting methodology. The Body assembly features the robotics assembling and welding portion of the X vehicles produced at the plant.
It is only available to 50 guests. The cost is $10 per person. The registration link will be available shortly.

  • How can I enjoy this exhibit?

You are welcome to walk through the exhibit at your own pace, learning about BMW’s history through the vehicles and explanatory information. We’ve also created an audio tour narrated by Kenn Sparks, which you can enjoy with your smartphone and earbuds.

  • Is your Museum COVID safe?

Yes, we follow all South Carolina regulations to create a safe environment for our guests, limiting attendance and requiring masks inside the building. Portable toilets are on-site, as well.

  • Why do I need to register?

As part of the COVID protocol, we are keeping our visitation groups small to allow for social distancing and better photo opportunities.

  • May I take pictures inside the Museum? Can I post them?

Yes, you are free to take pictures of the cars and motorcycles and post them on social media. We encourage it! We only ask that you do not touch or enter the cars/motorcycles as they are privately owned.

  • Is my registration transferable if I can’t attend?

Yes, just make sure to give us the name of the new registrant before the day of the event.

  • Can I update my registration information or contact the organizer with any questions?

Yes, please contact us by calling 864.329.1919 or

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