BMW CCA Foundation

Library, Archives, and Museum Program

Welcome to the Library, Archives, and Museum! The office and archival space for the Foundation is located at 190 Manatee Court in Greer (next door to the BMW Performance Center). The goal of the archive is expressed in the following mission statement:

To maintain a historical archive of all things BMW and BMW Car Club related and to make available to the public, technical, historic and general information on BMW automobiles and BMW related-organizations. Additionally, the BMW CCA Foundation encourages the preservation of historic automobiles and items of historic value.

The Library, Archives, and Museum Program will create a repository for BMW-related historical documents, literature and paraphernalia, providing club members with access to rare and interesting BMW artifacts while insuring their continued existence. The library and archive portion is developing very nicely and here are some of the services you can expect in the near future:

A ‘master’ listing of items in the Foundation’s inventory (To view the items, please click here), instructions on how to obtain copies or your questions answered, information on any charges associated with a service, ability to visit the facilities in Greenville and inspect items first hand, buy, sell, and trade historical BMW memorabilia such as brochures, improve the quality and breadth of the Foundation’s permanent collection, and publicize the Foundation’s services in the Roundel and other outlets. Because in many cases the Foundation only possesses one copy of these important books, articles and materials, the policy is normally not to allow them to be removed from the Archives. We encourage people to visit our offices to view those materials, or we can, upon request, make copies of pertinent information, within reason.

Library, Archives, and Museum Collection

In mid 2010, the Archives upgraded the archival database to PastPerfect.  PastPerfect is used by hundreds of other museums around the world.  We have been populating the database with various items from our collection.  To view the items, please click here.


We also have an extensive collection of magazines and BMW CCA Chapter newsletters.  Most of these items are not currently in our archival database.  To view the lists, click on the links below. We are always looking to fill in missing gaps to our collections.

Magazine Inventory 01_19_2016                   BMW CCA Newsletters 01_19_16

The Foundation is interested in BMW car/motorcycle related materials to add to the Library, Archives, and Museum. Brochures, books, magazines, models cars, press kits, repair manuals, memorabilia, chapter items & newsletters, posters, prints, or more.  Cleaning out your garage, basement or office? Contact us if you would like to donate any of this stuff. Most donations to the Foundation are tax deductible.