BMW CCA Foundation

The Conservation and Preservation Program

The Foundation’s Conservation and Preservation Program focuses on ensuring that the objects in our Archives and Museum are practically maintained to a condition that makes these objects accessible to our enthusiasts.

Today the Foundation has over 50,000 objects in its inventory.  The condition of these objects range from “new” to “repairable”.  At least 95% of our objects are in good to excellent condition.  The preservation program focuses on ensuring that these objects remain in that condition.  Since the vast majority of these objects are paper based or artwork, proper preservation requires temperature and humidity control and storage solutions that reduce deterioration.

The Foundation also has objects that require conservation.  These are typically objects of historical significance that require repair, restoration or renewal.  Some of these objects can be restored in house while others will require professional restoration.  Before undergoing restoration, the Conservation and Preservation Committee reviews the cost/benefit of the restoration in light of the objects historical significance.

The Foundation is a member of the National Association of Automobile Museums (NAAM).  Our membership allows access to the curators and trustees of major automobile museums across the U.S.  Guidance from NAAM and its members is helping us shape our Conservation and Preservation Program.