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Allegheny Chapter (North Atlantic)

Badger Bimmers Chapter (North Central)

Bayou Chapter (South Central)

Blue Ridge Chapter (South Atlantic)

Bluegrass Bimmers Chapter (North Central)

Boston Chapter (North Atlantic)

Buckeye Chapter (North Central)

Central California Chapter (Pacific Region)

Choo-Choo Bimmers Chapter (South Central)

Connecticut Valley Chapter (North Atlantic)

Delaware Valley Chapter (North Atlantic)

Everglades Chapter (South Atlantic)

First Coast Chapter (South Atlantic)

Florida Suncoast Chapter (South Atlantic)

Genesee Valley Chapter (North Atlantic)

Golden Gate Chapter (Pacific Region)

Green Mountain Chapter (North Atlantic)

Gulf Coast Chapter (South Atlantic)

Hawaii Chapter (Pacific Region)

Heart of Dixie Chapter (South Central)

Hoosier Chapter Chapter (North Central)

Houston Chapter (South Central)

Illini Chapter (North Central)

Inland Empire Chapter (Pacific Region)

Iowa Chapter (North Central)

Kansas City BMW Club Chapter (North Central)

Lone Star Chapter (South Central)

Los Angeles Chapter (Pacific Region)

Michiana Chapter (North Central)

Missouri Valley Chapter (North Central)

Motor City Chapter (North Central)

Mountain State Chapter (North Atlantic)

National Capital Chapter (South Atlantic)

New Jersey Chapter (North Atlantic)

New Mexico Chapter (South Central)

New York Chapter (North Atlantic)

Nittany Bimmers Chapter (North Atlantic)

North Star Bimmers Chapter (North Central)

Northern Ohio Chapter (North Central)

Old Hickory Chapter (South Central)

Oregon Chapter Chapter (Pacific Region)

Patroon Chapter (North Atlantic)

Peachtree Chapter (South Atlantic)

Pinetree Chapter (North Atlantic)

Pocono Chapter (North Atlantic)

Puget Sound Chapter (Pacific Region)

Rattlesnake Chapter (Pacific Region)

River City Bimmers Chapter (South Central)

Roadrunner Chapter (Pacific Region)

Rocky Mountain Chapter (South Central)

Sacramento Valley Chapter (Pacific Region)

San Diego Chapter (Pacific Region)

Sandlapper Chapter (South Atlantic)

Sierra Chapter (Pacific Region)

Sin City Chapter (Pacific Region)

Smoky Mountain Chapter (South Central)

Sonora Chapter (Pacific Region)

St. Louis Chapter (North Central)

Sunbelt Chapter (South Central)

Sunshine Bimmers Chapter (South Atlantic)

Tarheel Chapter (South Atlantic)

Tejas Chapter (South Central)

Tidewater Chapter (South Atlantic)

Wasatch Chapter (Pacific Region)

White Mountain Chapter (North Atlantic)

Windy City Chapter (North Central)