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    $250,000 Challenge Grant

    The BMW CCA Foundation $250,000 Challenge Grant to be matched by BMW CCA members!

    BMW CCA members, we have a golden opportunity, and I mean it’s literally golden. Our friends at the BMW CCA Foundation chose Oktoberfest 2013 in Monterey to announce the Foundation’s $7,000,000 Capital Campaign (click here for a PDF of the campaign). This ambitious fundraising effort is specifically intended to strengthen, expand, and create a permanent home for the Foundation’s premier program—the Tire Rack Street Survival program—and also establish a state-of-the-art facility on newly purchased land next to the BMW Performance Center that will house the BMW CCA Library and Archives and create space to present up to 20 cars and other displays significant to the history of the BMW CCA and BMW in America.



    So what about that golden opportunity? This is where it gets really exciting. At Oktoberfest, the Foundation’s Campaign Chairman Mike Ura announced that a dedicated BMW CCA member, who has asked to remain anonymous, is offering a $250,000 matching challenge grant. This mystery benefactor will match every dollar that is donated by BMW CCA members to the Foundation’s Capital Campaign between now and the end of 2013, up to a total of $250,000. This could mean a total of a half-million dollars to the Campaign. How often do we get a chance to make our money worth twice its value? For BMW CCA members who contribute, it gets better. The BMW CCA Foundation is a 501c(3) charity, so your donations may be tax-deductible.

    And it gets even better. Donations from BMW CCA chapters made before the end of the year will also be matched. Some of our chapters routinely contribute proceeds from charity events to the Foundation. Now these and any chapter contributions can be worth double, too!

    The BMW Car Club of America created the BMW CCA Foundation in 2002, and even though it is by law an independent 501c(3) charitable foundation, we appreciate opportunities to help it grow and succeed in its missions of saving lives and preserving our club and brand heritage. Many of our chapters already partner with the Foundation to host Street Survival teen driving schools, which have been acclaimed as an effective program to reduce fatalities in the most at-risk segment of the motoring public. Club members have donated BMW and club-related collections, memorabilia, documents, and even cars to the Foundation’s Library and Archives, so that now the Foundation’s collection has 40,000 items, is still growing, and thousands of those are being processed for online access.

    This magnanimous $250,000 Challenge Grant, offered by a dedicated Club member, has four stipulations:

    1. The donor will match dollar for dollar all campaign gifts from BMW CCA members, up to a total of $250,000.
    2. Gifts or signed pledges must be received before December 31, 2013.
    3. Gifts from CCA and Foundation board members are excluded.
    4. Gifts from Chapters may be credited toward the Challenge.*

    *If an individual donor wishes to receive a gift receipt for tax purposes, he or she must provide the gift directly to the campaign, separately from what the Local Chapter may give from its treasury.

    Donor Recognition

    All major donors helping to match the Challenge Grant will receive special campaign recognition. Gifts at the following levels will be listed in the Foundation’s permanent home in Greenville:

    $250,000 Challenge Grant Gold Honor Roll                  $10,000+

    $250,000 Challenge Grant Silver Honor Roll                $5,000+

    $250,000 Challenge Grant Bronze Honor Roll             $1,000+

    Although donors making gifts at lower levels will not be included in the above special recognition lists, all Challenge Grant donors will receive listed name recognition in the new headquarter building using a method that will be highly compatible with the design when it is constructed.

    $250,000 Challenge Grant

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    We encourage all members to consider making a campaign gift now, to get the biggest “bang for your buck” as we work to match dollar for dollar your gift to the campaign. To make a gift through the US mail, please download the form and send a check to:

    BMW CCA Foundation Challenge Grant
    190 Manatee Ct
    Greer, SC 29651

    If you would prefer to sign a pledge, payable for up to three years, you may download this form:

    Remember, the Challenge Grant has a deadline, so, please make your gift now!